Notion Template for Daily Tracking 2022

Yassen Shopov
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This Notion template covers all your universal daily tracking needs. The day entries are already put in - you just need to check the tickboxes and enter your data! Cause let's be real, who would like to create a new page entry every day for some simple data? Now that this is taken care of, you can track your:

  • Sleep data (light and deep sleep, perfect for people who use FitBits or Google Fit)
  • Weight
  • Daily output (as a percentage of the work accomplished)
  • Caffeine intake
  • Workouts
  • Skin routines

As a bonus, you can view the database for just today, for the past 7 days, and for the whole year. You can also add a little note in the "Improvements" property, to see how you can improve a little each day.

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Notion Template for Daily Tracking 2022

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